Weight Conversion

All of these conversions depend on only one crucial factor - the number of grams to the ounce.

I have taken this to be but you can alter it if you wish.

It will not reset until you reload from our server

  Decimal Whole   Decimal
Tons Tonnes
UK Hundredweight
(cwt) is 8 Stones
Stones Grams


Example 1: Input 2.5 tons at the top of the first column and study the results carefully to see how it works

Example 2: Press Reset and then input 5000 grams at the bottom of the last column (use mouse to point)

Example 3: Press Reset. In the second column input 1 cwt, 7 stone, 10 pounds and 7 ounces (almost exactly 100 kilograms)

Example 4: Press Reset. In the second column and enter 1 ton and 40 cwt. You will see it is 3 tons!

Example 5: Press Reset. Enter 2.5 tons in the second column!