Volume Conversion

All of these conversions depend on one crucial factor - the number of centimetres to the inch.

This is quoted as being anywhere from 2.539996 to 2.5414252 but is usually given as

You can alter this if you wish. It will not reset until you reload from our server

Cubic Miles Cubic Kilometres
Cubic Yards Cubic Metres
Cubic Feet Litres
Gallons UK Cubic Centimetres
Gallons US Cubic Millimetres
Pints UK    
Pints US    
Fluid Ounces US    
Fluid Ounces UK    
Cubic Inches    


Example 1: Input 2.25 cubic miles at the top of the first column and study the results carefully to see how it works

Example 2: Press Reset and then input 16387 cubic millimetres at the bottom of the last column (use mouse to point)