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As you may have noticed Search Thingy uses Java Script ( not to be confused with Java - a different language ) It does this to speed things up and means that once you have loaded Search Thingy you can just leave it in your browser without having to continuously reload it. It uses asp ( Active Server Pages ) as well but that part of it is invisible. If you are interested in Java Script take a look at the source page ( by clicking View and then Source or Page Source ) Note that the reference to "Hide" refers to hiding the script from browsers which cannot cope with Java Script not hiding from people!

Alternatively, you can try clicking this button and see if it works ...

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Make Search Thingy your Home Page

When you turn on your computer and load your browser it will open at a particular page, known as the Home Page. If you wish, you can alter this to a page of your choice. In Netscape you can click on Edit, then Preferences then alter the Location box.
If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser you can just click this button

Bookmark/Add Search Thingy to Favorites

The simplest way to do this is just to Press Ctrl-D ( ie Press the Ctrl button and the D key at the same time ) This works for both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer but is a little temperamental!
Alternatively, you can try clicking this button ...

Save Your "Tick" Settings as well ..


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